We are extremely pleased to announce that Juan Francisco and Silvia had a safe bus ride from Tecamachalco up to the border where they picked up the new 15-passenger van delivered by Marshall Sansbury of Lighthouse Fellowship Church in Fort Worth.
van interior
van profile
As you can see from the photographs the van is in excellent condition both inside and out. While we paid more for this van than we had budgeted, we believe we now have transportation that will be both comfortable and reliable for mission teams to use when they visit La Familia.
Our thanks to Marshall Sansbury for the countless hours he invested in locating the new van, having it checked out mechanically and then driving it down to Laredo to cross the border.


I just received an announcement from Silvia and Juan Francisco that this past Sunday, November 16 the first worship service was held in the large living room on the new second floor space we just completed. This is a joyful time at Casa Hogar La Familia. Our thanks to everyone who made donations and gave of their time and talent to this project.


I know everyone who has ever participated in a mission trip to Casa Hogar La Familia will be thrilled to learn that we finally located and have purchased a new (used) 15-passenger van for mission teams to use for transportation during their visits to La Familia. It is a 2007 Ford E-350 with 86,000 miles on it, but it is extra clean and extra nice. It has been checked out by a Fort Worth mechanic and the van got good marks for its condition.


The next step is to get the van across the border, purchase Mexican license plate and decals and get the van to La Familia. We budgeted a trip via bus for someone to travel from Tecamachalco to Nuevo Laredo to pick up the van. At this point, it appears that Juan Francisco will make the long trip to the border to pick up the van and drive it back.


Our thanks to Marshall Sansbury of Lighthouse Fellowship Church in Fort Worth for the many hours of hard work he invested to locate and purchase the new van.


Tenn. Mission Team Offers Medical Service in Rural Community Near Casa Hogar La Familia


July 2014: Palmarito and Quecholac, Puebla, Mexico —A mission team from Signal Crest United Methodist Church in Signal Mountain, Tenn. traveled to Southern Mexico to serve the needs of the children of Casa Hogar La Familia.


The services this team provided ranged from painting the walls and ceiling on the second floor construction project to giving each of the children a pair of Crocs to going out into the community to deliver medical services. (See Crocs photo)


Team leader, John Williams, reported that his team got a lot of work done on the second floor to prepare for laying the ceramic tile this week. As soon as the windows and the plumbing fixtures are installed, Williams believes the second floor will be ready for occupancy. (See photo below)




Among the missioners from Signal Crest UMC were two Registered Nurses and a Physician’s Assistant, so this team (pictured below) walked out into the countryside near Palmarito and delivered free medical services and medical products to the local farmers and their families. The children of La Familia went from house to house and spread the word that the medical personnel were setting up shop at a designated area.

Folks “came out of the woodwork”to receive blood pressure checks, first aid kits, Band-Aids, Neosporin, clothing, eye glasses, etc. Williams estimates that the mission team served in the neighborhood of 75 local residents in one afternoon. Several of the people were referred to a local medical clinic because of blood pressure readings that were quite high.


See the medically-attired medical team below. Included are “Nurse”Silvia, “Nurse Damaly, and “Nurse”Karla who performed translation services for the team.




Of note, especially for those who have not traveled to Palmarito and Quecholac, two communities near La Familia that are located approximately three hours south of Mexico City, this one of the poorest sections of Mexico, so this was one of the few opportunities these people have to receive even minimal medical attention.


The Signal Crest team also donated enough money for Silvia to buy back-to-school uniforms for the children and Fishersville UMC, Fishersville, Virginia donated funds to purchase back-to-school shoes and underwear for the children.


The children return to school on Monday, August 18.


       15-Passenger Van Fund: When making decisions about your giving over the next few weeks, please consider donating to the La Familia VAN FUND. Our current van is on its last leg, so we need to replace it.


Please send yourcheck to Embrace the Dream Foundation, PO Box 5558, Greenville, SC 29606. All donors will receive a “tax letter” so you can deduct your donation off your income taxes. Please write “van fund” on your check.


Currently, we have approximately $14,000 in the van fund, but we need approximately $35,000 to purchase a used 15-passenger van that will be dependable for mission teams to get around in when they visit La Familia


The friends of La Familia from Fishersville United Methodist Church in Fishersville, VA have for several years held fundraisers to enable the directors to take the children into Puebla to purchase new shoes and underwear for the new school year.  The friends of La Familia from Signal Crest United Methodist Church in Signal Mountain, TN donated the funds for the children to purchase new school uniforms.


See photographs below of the children in a Puebla shoe store.