Embrace the Dream Foundation (EDF) is a non profit, 501 (c)(3) Christ-centered mission organization that provides love and care for orphaned and abandoned children in Mexico. EDF principally supports Casa Hogar La Familia, a children’s home just outside the city limits of Quecholac in the State of Puebla about three hours south of Mexico City. La Familia is currently home for 32 children ranging in age from one-and-a-half to 21 years of age.
Bill Lee, president, founded EDF after spending nine years leading mission teams to Mexico. In 2009, EDF and its partner organizations around the US achieved their goal to raise over $100,000 to complete construction of a new orphanage. When the first floor was completed, work began on the second floor, which was completed during the summer of 2014.
Most of the children La Familia cares for have been abandoned. EDF not only provides lodging for the children, but in addition strives to ensure that each child has a better future. The children are taught from childhood that to support a family, they must finish high school and go on to either technical school or university. Academic and Christian education are integral parts of each child’s daily regimen.
As a Christ-Centered organization, the directors (Juan Francisco and Silvia) lead worship services each Sunday morning and each Thursday evening. Juan Francisco is also an ordained pastor. Church attendance is steadily increasing and currently averages around 160 worshipers from the surrounding community. On a youth night recently, 120 youth from the community congregated on the soccer field at La Familia to roast hot dogs and to sing praises to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
For more information about Embrace the Dream Foundation, you may email Bill Lee at blee3paris@aol.com. EDF’s mailing address is PO Box 5558, Greenville, SC 29606.

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