Non-Profit Partners

There are two non profit organizations that Embrace the Dream Foundation works closely with in Mexico and one in the USA:
Hogar de Amor Y Protección del Niños: This is a Mexican-based non-profit organization that supplies and oversees the La Familia directors and volunteers. This organization was founded by the pastor of large church in Colima in the State of Colima in Mexico. The name of the church is Grupo Amor. The president of Hogar de Amor is Nahum Gutierrez, pastor of Grupo Amor and general manager of all Colima-based orphanages operated by Hogar de Amor.
Amigos de La Familia: This is a loosely organized group of individuals, churches and non profit organizations located around the US that donate the funds to pay the monthly expenses at La Familia and raise money for capital expenditures.  What this group has in common is a deep love for the children of La Familia.

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