Volunteer Opportunities

Orphanages supported by Embrace the Dream Foundation, Inc. have a great need for volunteers. Volunteers live in the same casa hogar that the children live in, but typically have a private bedroom; that is, when one is available. The children’s homes have been built with living quarters for volunteers in mind.

Volunteers work along side the directors to help care for the children. Volunteers that stay longer than 180 days are given a small amount of spending money if they do not have their own financial resources. Volunteers also receive days off each month so that they may journal, have some private time or travel to surrounding communities.

Duties for volunteers include:

  • Assisting with preparing meals.
  • Helping the children with their homework (a working knowledge of Spanish is necessary for this duty).
  • Playing with the children.
  • Helping with the children’s baths and helping get the younger children dressed for school, church, etc.
  • Serving as a Christian role model for the children.
  • Joining the children at worship services.

Applicants for volunteer work may apply to volunteer for any period of time, i.e., a month, a quarter, six months, a year or longer.

Anyone who wishes to apply for a volunteer position may send an email to blee3paris@aol.com or telephone Bill Lee at 864-303-8366.

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