Restaurants in Puebla

  • Tacos Tony’s 3 Pontente # 149 Planta Baja Colonial Centro. (Corner of 3 Sur and 3 Pontente.) Carne asada (beef) only with three different types of bread: Corn tortilla, Arabe, which is a large flour tortilla and torta, which is a soft tasty thick bread bun.
  • El Sultan tacqueria on Cinco de Mayo near where it intersects with the Puebla Zocolo is also excellent. Order a “torta,” which is carne asada in a soft tasty thick bun — delicious. For a soda to go along with your torta, try a manzanilla, a carbonated apple flavored beverage. Don’t know why this drink is not available in the States; it’s great!
  • Walk out the front door of the Hotel San Angel and turn left. At the first corner, cross the street and on the same side of 4 Poiniente you are on, you’ll see another very small, but excellent tacqueria. Try their freshly prepared tortas.
  • Vittorio’s located on the perimeter of the zocolo. Great variety of food, i.e., pizza, steak, Italian dishes, great pasta dishes, super salads, etc. Seating is available indoors or outdoors on the street. Try their small serving of chicken soup with rice. I especially like their Caesar Salad. This restaurant allows an excellent view of the activities that are always festive on the Puebla town square.
  • Royalty Hotel located on the perimeter of the zocolo.  Menu is primarily steak.  A bit pricy, but excellent food.  Both indoor and outdoor dining.  Excellent service.
  • Colonial Hotel (converted monastery) is located about a half block off the zocolo in front of the beautiful church with the white spires.  Their menu is a bit limited, but the food is good.  There’s a real fire burning in a fireplace inside the restaurant on chilly Puebla nights.  Indoor dining only.  You may order off an al la carte menu or off a daily fixed price menu.  A room here will cost you about $570 pesos a night.
  • La Estancia Argentina (an Argentinian Steakhouse) Located on Avenue Juarez #3109 (Av. Juarez on the corner with 29 Sur) Telephone: 222-248-9991. This restaurant has a private room that is very attractive. If the private room is available I believe you would enjoy it. The food is outstanding.

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