Hotel Accomodations

The following pricing information is as of January 5, 2016

Hotel San Angel is popular with mission teams who are on a strict budget. It is located on 4 Poniente in Centro Puebla. It is a great location with a good selection of different size rooms and an elevator. It also has a good restaurant for breakfast. Telephone: 011-52-222-232-2766. The prices are as follows:

  • Single: $359 pesos ($22.50 US) One double bed
  • Double: $483 pesos ($30.00 US) Two double beds
  • Triple: $579 pesos ($36.00 US) Two double beds
  • Cuadruple $689 pesos ($43.00 US) Two double beds

Hotel Santo Domingo (Hostel) is a hostel located just one block toward the market from Hotel San Angel. The price is super inexpensive, but be prepared to pay extra for soap, shampoo, towels, sheets and blankets. Even with all of the extras, it is still very inexpensive. No restaurant. The hotel opened in 2005, so it is relatively new and clean. The manager speaks English. (866-599-6674)

  • Single: $14.00 US
  • Double: $15.00 US
  • Quadruple: $21.00 US

Hotel Colonial is a hotel that was built as a monastery and located in Centro Puebla at 4 Sur 105. Hotel Colonial is much more upscale than either of the two above hotels, but a single room runs around $725 pesos per night and a double is $825 pesos per night. The hotel is located in the heart of the historical district near the market and one block from the zocolo. Reservations: 01-800-013-0000

  • Single: $725 pesos ($45.00 US)
  • Double: $825 pesos ($51.50 US)
  • Triple: $925 pesos ($58.00 US)
  • Quadruple: $1,025 pesos ($64.00 US)

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