December 2023 Newsletter DRAFT

December 11, 2023 by Bill Lee, President of Embrace the Dream Foundation, Inc., Greenville, South Carolina

Lighthouse Fellowship, our donor church in Fort Worth, arrived in Quecholac with a relatively small team, but a team that came to work, and work they did.

Led by Nanci Danielsen, the team’s number one goal was to install the new playground equipment several teams helped purchase. They had to put in some long days, but when they left, they left with a new playground in place. (See Below)

New swing set

This is the base for the swing set, etc. We paid a cement professional to pour the concrete, then the team took over by adhering the safety pads to the concrete.

new concrete for swings

Lighthouse mission team members with help from some of the children at La Familia repaint the boundary lines on the court in front of the casa.

Lighthouse mission team members

Nanci Dalielsen and her team from Light Fellowship in Fort Worth were invited to the home of one of the members of the local church for a home cooked meal.

Nancy with home cooking

New 14-passenger Toyota van for La Familia.

We searched for a used van for over six months and failed to find one on the Mexico market, so we had no choice but to purchase a new one. Our thanks to Pastor Nahum Gutiérrez Maldonado of Grupo Amor Church in Colima for using his contacts to find the new van for La Familia.

La Familia New Van

Six Flags Trip

La Familia Directors Silvia and Juan Francisco. Silvia’s uncle is an extremely kind and generous man who chartered a bus to take all of the children to Six Flags Park in Mexico City.

A visit to the home of the beautiful princesses at Six Flags.

Princesses at Six Flags

La Familia enjoying the rides at Six Flags.

La Familia enjoying the rides at Six Flags.

A taco chef (the children named him “Taco Man” visited La Familia to treat the kids to some fancy tacos.

taco man chef

Eight La Familia children attending universities and Technical Schools

  • Isabel and her sister, Fernanda, are studying at the University of Colima.
  • Daniel is in his last year at the University of Colima.
  • Juan Carlos is studying to become an electrician when he graduates from technical school.
  • Josué and Rodolfo are rooming together off campus in Puebla and both are attending engineering school.
  • Jazmin is taking a post nursing program in Tecamachalco to become an emergency care nurse.
  • In addition to her job at La Familia as a volunteer, Karen is also attending business school classes.

Our thanks go out to the donors who help fund these college students or sponsor individual students. An advanced degree is one of the key goals that Embrace the Dream has established for the children who wish to attend college.

Vacation Bible School

This past summer Lighthouse Fellowship in Fort Worth funded a Vacation Bible School for not only the children of La Familia, but also the children of the members of the church that meets on the second floor of La Familia each Sunday and each Thursday evening.

This was an idea from Nanci Danielsen who is a member at Lighthouse. Participating also in teaching at the Bible School were members of the Grupo Amor Church that meets in the main building at La Familia.