February 16, 2012
Alucy’s Wedding
           A lot of good things are happening at La Familia.  Perhaps the most exciting event was about 30 days ago when former volunteer, Alucy, married Paco.  Each has three girls, but one of Paco’s girls lives with her mom, so there are five girls living in their new home in Quecholac, really near La Familia.  Paco owns a mechanic shop that works on large commercial trucks and also sells truck parts…a family business that employs 17 people.
Second Floor Construction

           Thanks to several generous donations, steady progress is being made on the second floor.  The work over the roof on the right third of the building is complete and work will soon begin on the center roof.  As soon as the roofs are complete and the necessary funds are donated, work will begin on the ceramic tile on the floors and bathroom walls.


        Juan Francisco’s and Silvia’s Christ-centered ministry continues to grow in the region that includes Tecamachalco, Quecholac and Palmarito.  Attendance at Sunday morning and Thursday evening worship services is growing as is their youth ministry.

 Two New Children

           Eduardo and Suri are siblings and just relocated to La Familia from one of the Hogar de Amor children’s homes in Colima.  Their grandfather wanted to return to his hometown of Puebla, but didn’t want to leave his two grandchildren behind, so it was arranged to move the grandchildren to La Familia so the grandfather could return to Puebla and be close enough to visit.  


          Thanks to everyone who has offered up your prayers and/or your donations to support La Familia.  Donations are necessary to grow this ministry.  Embrace the Dream Foundation takes zero for administration costs, so 100% of your donations go to support the children of Casa Hogar La Familia. 

          Please make your checks payable to Embrace the Dream Foundation and mail them to Embrace the Dream Foundation, PO Box 5558, Greenville, SC 29606

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