Texas Mission Team Visits La Familia

Marshall Sansbury and a mission team from Acton UMC in Fort Worth just returned from a week at La Familia. The team reported the following accomplishments during their visit:

  • Purchased material and made curtains for the home.
  • Repaired the microwave ovens.
  • Painted the bathrooms both upstairs and downstairs.
  • Bathroom mirrors for the upstairs are to be delivered this week.
  • The water filtration system is scheduled to be delivered and installed next week.
  • Purchased more chairs for the expanding church attendance on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings.

Juan Francisco and Silvia are doing everything in their power to get a visa to make a visit to the US. They are hoping to travel in the last half of April 2016. I will keep everyone up to date as their travel plans develop.

On Juan Francisco’s project list for capital expenditures in 2016 are the following items:

  • Complete the perimeter wall.
  • Install gates for the front of the home to allow the directors to secure the building.
  • The old blue pickup truck is on its last leg. The transmission is giving them a lot of trouble. They really need a new pickup truck or small car to help them conserve gasoline.

Juan Francisco is putting together a budget for these items and I will pass them on to all “Friends of La Familia” as soon as I receive it.

More news that mission team leaders need to be aware of is that Estrella de Roja bus service between the MEX Airport in Mexico City and CAPU in Puebla has been discontinued. It is (temporarily, we hope) now necessary to take a bus from MEX Airport to Estrella de Roja’s bus station at 4 Poniente in Puebla and take taxis over to CAPU to catch a bus to Tecamachalco.

Marshall reports that all of the children at La Familia are in good health and the home is in excellent physical condition.