Saint Andrews Team Builds 4-Space Carport

A 17-person team from Saint Andrews Episcopal in Downers Grove, IL worked tirelessly every day of their mission trip to La Familia to construct a carport to protect our vehicles from the weather.

La Familia now has three vehicles: a 15-Passenger Chevrolet Van, a 12-Passenger VW Diesel van and a small four-seater Chevrolet Spark to help reduce the gasoline expense on short trips to the market, etc.

Team leader, Steve DePeder was so committed to completing the carport before the mission trip ended that he hardly left the jobsite long enough to eat and sleep.  Juan Francisco, along with staff members Luis and Chuy and several of the older boys (both from Saint Andrews and from La Familia) were right there working with the adults as they moved trees to make room for the carport, as they bolted sheets of metal roofing to the frame and as they mixed and poured all of the concrete by hand.

Below are a few photographs of the work in progress as well as the completed project:

Post-hole diggers at work laying out the supports for the carport.

Above, staff members: Chuy and Luís and one of the older La Familia residents, Josué, are standing on the scaffolding as Deacon Tom and Team Leader Steve DePeder supervise.

The Finished Product!  Our thanks to the Saint Andrew’s mission team for all of the funds and for all of the hard work they contributed to this project.