Casa Hogar La Familia welcomes EIGHT new children!

I received a telephone call from Silvia yesterday. She wanted to tell me that as of this week, La Familia welcomed EIGHT new children to the Casa Hogar.

  • Leonardo is 12 years old and from Quecholac. (Arrived on Sunday, February 5)
  • Karla is 11 years old and from Zinacatepec (very close to Quecholac).
  • Kamila is 3 years old.
  • Keyla Alejandra is ten months old.
    (All three girls arrived on Thursday, February 9)

In addition, they have two new children arriving this weekend from a small town near Quecholac.

And finally, they have two more new children arriving this weekend from a different small town nearby.

On Tuesday, February 28, I will be leading a mission team to La Familia from the Federated Church in Kingfisher, OK. I will be sure to get photographs of the new children and make sure I have the correct names to go along with the photographs.

Bill Lee