Personal Items Needed for the Children of La Familia

Letter to La Familia Mission Team Leaders
from Bill Lee
Embrace the Dream Foundation
Greenville, SC

We are working diligently to improve communications between Juan Francisco and Silvia, the La Familia directors, and the mission team leaders who visit Casa Hogar La Familia.

The purpose of this letter is to discuss one of the needs the directors have that we can satisfy without too much trouble and expense to any of us if we all work together to coordinate what we take down when we visit the home.

One of our mission team leaders visited La Familia a couple of weeks ago and learned that there were some items that we have an excess supply of at La Familia and other items that are in short supply.

First Aid Kits

There is an ample supply of first aid kits — over one hundred — that some mission teams use to set up first aid stations and supply these kits to the local residents who live near the vegetable fields that are located behind the casa Hogar. Please do not take any more first aid kits until we advise otherwise.

Personal Items for the Children

We badly need a supply of personal items for the children to use so the purchase of these items doesn’t continue to eat into the home’s grocery budget.

The mission team leader who brought back this information suggests that each team member take a LARGE Ziplock bag and fill it up with the following:

Toothbrush Shampoo Razors Cough Syrup
Toothpaste Deodorant Neosporin Athlete’s Foot Medicine
Bar of Soap Hair Bands for Girls Band-Aids Body Wash

We believe by following this suggestion Silvia can free up money for larger purchases of food and household supplies. Thank you in advance for your help.