January Newsletter 2023

On Friday night, January 20, at a surprise event for Marshall Sansbury, veteran missioner at Casa Hogar La Familia, Pastor Frank Briggs congratulates Marshall for his service.
Marshall Sansbury commenting on his “surprise” evening at Lighthouse Methodist.
(L – R) Silvia, Bill Lee, Juan Francisco, and the man of the hour, Mr. Marshall Sansbury.

Marshall has been working as the liaison between Lighthouse Fellowship in Fort Worth and Casa Hogar La Familia since the year 2000. He has also served as a mentor to me as I have attempted to learn the ins and outs of the business of overseeing a children’s home. I will be forever grateful for his wisdom.

There was a time when we lost our directors and had no one to take their place. There was another time when we lost our lease on the home and had no place to house the children we were responsible for. Thanks to a lot of answered prayers we are happy to report that Casa Hogar La Familia is now developing strong Christian men and women who are learning the love of Jesus Christ and developing the responsibility to provide for a family.

Sylvia Clark presented an inspirational keynote address.
Joining Jazmin at her table are Fred Schultz (center) and John Nunnally (right) at Laurianne’s Restaurant in Tecamachalco.

Nurse Jazmin, is a recent graduate of the Nursing School at the University of Colima. Joining Jazmin at her table are two missioners from Lighthouse Methodist Church in Fort Worth, TX.