May Newsletter

Mission Trips have officially returned to Casa Hogar La Familia. Following the visit to La Familia of Lighthouse Fellowship in Fort Worth and Federated Church in Kingfisher, OK are two more mission teams who have scheduled trips to visit the home this year.

Both Fishersville UMC of Northern Virginia and Lighthouse Fellowship have mission trips planned for this summer.

When the Federated Church left La Familia, they were disappointed that they did not have time to complete one last project: Repaint what the children call the casita, the small structure that contains the swings, sliding board and small playhouse for the children of La Familia.

The Federated mission team purchased the paint for the project and Juan Francisco said he and some of the children would get the casita painted after the team departed. Below are photographs of the freshly painted structure:

painted casita

This past week, Juan Francisco’s church in Quecholac (Grupo Amor) held a church camp for all of the children of the church. I don’t have any photos yet, but will try to get Silvia to send me some.

We also have news from Colima where Isabel Urbina, her husband, Gabriel, and their two children are living while Isabel is a student at the University of Colima. They are also serving as volunteers at a Casa Hogar operated by the Grupo Amor Church, also headquartered in Colima.

Isabel's Family (Alicia not pictured)
L-to-R: Fernanda (freshman at University of Colima), Baby William, Isabel (Senior at University of Colima), Josué (8th grade), Juan Carlos (Colima), Jasmin (recently graduated from nursing school in Colima) (Alicia not pictured)

The Good News: At 1:40 PM on May 7, Isabel delivered a baby boy. His name is Noah Malcolm Urbina Cortes. He is healthy and weighed in at 6-1/2 pounds.

Noah Malcolm Urbina Cortes
Noah Malcolm Urbina Cortes, born May 7 at 1:40 PM
Noah Malcolm - Congratulations Gabriel and Isabel!
Congratulations Gabriel and Isabel!
Isabel’s three boys asleep together – Josué (left), William (top), and Noah Malcolm (bottom)