Great News for La Familia Students

I received a telephone call from Pastor Nahum Gutierrez, our contact in Colima who oversees the students who are attending both the university there as well as one young man who is attending high school in Colima.

Jazmin Urbina — Jazmin is in her last year of nursing school. As a part of her on the job training, she has been assigned to work at a large hospital in Tlaxcala, the capitol of the State of Tlaxcala, only about an hour’s drive from the City of Puebla. She will be flying from Colima to Tlaxcala.

Maria Isabel — Isabel was the first girl I met when I made my first trip to La Familia in the year 2000. She has overcome a lot of adversity since then and is now a student studying accounting at the university in Colima. She is married to Gabriel and she is the mother of Josué.

Gabriel de Cortez — Gabriel is also a student at the university in Colima and is also studying accounting. Everyone keep their fingers crossed, because if Gabriel keeps up his current pace, he will graduate in December of 2019. Gabriel and Isabel are full-time volunteers at a Casa Hogar by the name of Casa Leonel in Colima.

Juan Carlos — Nahum has been an excellent mentor to Juan Carlos who had lost an interest in finishing high school in Quecholac. Juan Carlos moved to Colima for a change of scenery and to be near his sisters, Isabel and Jazmin. Juan Carlos is scheduled to graduate from high school in November.

Daniel — Daniel is the youngest son of Juan Francisco and Silvia. He began his university education in Colima this fall and has decided to major in International Business.

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