Casa Hogar La Familia – April 26, 2012

Two weeks ago, a team of 14 made up of three families from Sumter, South Carolina visited Casa Hogar La Familia. The three families were made up of six, four and three family members respectively. Each family elected to spent their children’s spring break on a mission trip to Mexico.


The team transported two truck loads of concrete block from the ground to the second floor, repaired and painted the lockers in both the boys and girls dormitories and engaged the children in many games of soccer, Sequence, chess and VBS-type activities.


One of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity to celebrate Easter Sunday with the children of La Familia. Juan Francisco led worship services and there was standing room only in the living room of La Familia. (See photograph below.)


Worship Service with La Familia


The second floor construction project is coming along nicely. The roof is taking shape and will soon be ready to be poured. Once the roof is poured, all we will need to do to occupy the second floor space is to complete the tile work in the bathrooms and on the floors and walls. (See photograph of the work in progress.)


Construction Work

La Familia has added two new boys: Christian and Jonathan, who are brothers from Palmarito. There are currently 31 children at La Familia. (See boys’ photographs)


La Familia -Christian


La Familia - Jonathan


The Sumter, SC team learned that the children of La Familia have not had any hot water for over eight months, so the team donated over $3,500 to purchase and install five new tankless water heaters along with a pump to move the hot water to the bathrooms, kitchen and to the director’s quarters. (See photograph below.)


Tankless Water Heaters


On the last day of the team’s visit, the children were invited to visit the Quecholac Water Park for swimming, games and a picnic. Since it was Holy Week in Mexico, the park was packed with a lot of people looking for a place to relax. The team purchased rotisserie chicken and Silvia made a salad and a pot of beans for the picnic. Everyone had a terrific day until a thunder shower ran everyone back to the casa hogar to avoid the rain drops.


(Photograph below shows missioner Becky Wilson and volunteer Omar having a conversation while Omar keeps an eye on the pot of beans cooking over a charcoal fire at the Water Park.


Becky Wilson and volunteer Omar


We still need donations to complete the second floor construction project. Please make checks payable to Embrace the Dream Foundation, Inc. and mail to PO Box 5558, Greenville, SC 29606.


Our June Mission Trip departs on Thursday, June 7 and returns on Thursday, June 14. We need more missioners for this trip. Please telephone Bill Lee (864-303-8366) or email me at if you would like to discuss. Estimated cost is $1,000 to $1,200 grand total.


You may email Bill Lee at