Super Successful Fundraiser at St. Andrews in Downers Grove, IL

This week, I received an email from Ruth Irvine, our sister in Christ and La Familia supporter from St. Andrews Episcopal in Downers Grove, IL.

Here’s what Ruth had to say:

“Well, we had the Fiesta [fundraiser] and it was just great.  I think we had about 70 people.  We got some new faces from St Andrew’s, which was wonderful.  Again, people were generous and excited about La Familia.  We raised $3,759.03, which is better than last year.”

St. Andrews has accepted responsibility for monthly support at La Familia for the month of September 2012 and has designated the balance of the money they raised to the second floor construction project.

The pastor at St. Andrews announced his support for another mission team to travel to La Familia in 2013, so this will be great news for the children.

Our thanks go out to Ruth Irvine and all of the good folks at St. Andrews in Downers Grove for their hard work and generosity in making the Fiesta Fundraiser such a huge success.

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