Second Floor Construction Project

Below are several photographs taken by the Fort Worth, TX mission team that give us a good idea of the progress that has been made on the second floor construction project.
The Fort Worth team sealed the concrete walls and ceiling, so this week, the ceramic tile is being applied by the general contractor and his team of workers.
Attendance at Sunday worship services is exploding, so as soon as the second floor is completed, the Sunday worship service will be moved to the open area on the second floor where we believe we will be able to accommodate significantly more worshipers. In June, attendance reached a record level of over 260.
Damaly is still in culinary school in Puebla and Alexi has recently moved to Colima where he is attending the University there.
We thank everyone for your prayers and your financial support of Embrace the Dream Foundation and La Familia. Our next capital project is to replace the 15-Passenger Van that is on its last leg. We believe we can find a satisfactory used 15-passenger van for around $25,000 to $30,000.
A Van Fund has been established by Lighthouse Fellowship in Fort Worth and Embrace the Dream Foundation in Greenville, SC. Your financial support is requested. I will keep everyone informed as to our progress in raising these funds.

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