New 15-Passenger Van for La Familia

I know everyone who has ever participated in a mission trip to Casa Hogar La Familia will be thrilled to learn that we finally located and have purchased a new (used) 15-passenger van for mission teams to use for transportation during their visits to La Familia. It is a 2007 Ford E-350 with 86,000 miles on it, but it is extra clean and extra nice. It has been checked out by a Fort Worth mechanic and the van got good marks for its condition.


The next step is to get the van across the border, purchase Mexican license plate and decals and get the van to La Familia. We budgeted a trip via bus for someone to travel from Tecamachalco to Nuevo Laredo to pick up the van. At this point, it appears that Juan Francisco will make the long trip to the border to pick up the van and drive it back.


Our thanks to Marshall Sansbury of Lighthouse Fellowship Church in Fort Worth for the many hours of hard work he invested to locate and purchase the new van.

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