Sumter Team Spends Their 2015 Spring Break at La Familia

Eighteen members of the Sumter (South Carolina) Mission Team returned to La Familia for the third year in a row. The visit was made up of some mammoth volley ball and soccer games, Dr. Andy gave all of the children physicals, Dr. Andy and Dr. Bert stepped out of their fields a few steps to examine all of the children’s teeth while the women and children led the children in a series of crafts and board games.

The children’s teeth are in excellent condition. Only four cavities were identified. The physical examinations confirmed that the children are healthy with no serious illnesses.

During their visit, the team bought 12 kilograms of steak for lunch on Sunday. Add a large salad and a bowl of brown beans for an outstanding meal following worship services on Sunday. After which came the athletic competition. The addition of the court in the front of the home has to be some of the best money ever spent at La Familia.

One of the missioners brought along a bag of potting soil and taught the children how to plant plants in a styrofoam cup, water them and watch them grow.

Another created a chocolate pudding concoction with cookies that the children could make themselves. Another table offered fingernail polish for the girls to paint their nails.

The casa hogar also benefitted from a new Jumbo Sequence Game that the missioners donated to the casa and several new decks of playing cards that will get a lot of use for weeks to come.

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