La Familia Receives Gift of a New Car

Ever since we built the current La Familia campus in Palmarito, I have heard many people complain about how much was spent each month for gasoline. In Cuidad Serdan, our old location, the children walked to school. Missioners didn’t need a van to transport them because we could walk back and forth to the hotel from La Familia.

All of the children’s homes we compared gasoline expenses with were in small to large cities where ample and reasonably priced public transportation was readily available.

In Palmarito, however, we have to transport the children to four grade levels, some with classes in the mornings and some with classes in the afternoons. Our children are in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school, which means a lot of driving the 12-passenger and the 15-passenger vans.

A quick trip to the food market cost $3.00 US dollars in fuel, and several of those trips are made daily.

We discussed this situation with Juan Francisco and Silvia and they agreed that the purchase of a small 4-passenger car that gets high gas mileage would be the best solution. Otherwise, we could not continue operating at our current level of expenses.

Next we had to find a donor, and we were very fortunate that a missioner who has made multiple trips to La Familia told me he would like to donate the car. God is so good! So the next time you travel to Casa Hogar La Familia, you will see a new Chevrolet Spark.

Nahun Gutierrez, the head pastor of our sister Grupo Amor church located in the City of Colima, was kind enough to do the leg work for us, handle the paperwork and see to it that all we had to do was ask someone to take a bus ride to Guadalajara and pick up the car and drive it back to Palmarito.

Juan Francisco volunteered to retrieve the new car. (See Photo Below)

We appreciate everyone’s generosity who make Casa Hogar La Familia such a terrific success story.

We especially appreciate our directors, Juan Francisco and Silvia Liliana.

God bless!

Embrace the Dream Foundation, Inc.

Bill Lee

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