September 2021 Newsletter

A letter from Silvia to the Friends of La Familia:

We want to thank all of our brothers and friends who like every year, with so much love, support us so that our children have everything they need for the new school year. With their support we were able to buy shoes, tennis shoes, underwear and school supplies for each child.

In addition, we already have everything ready for our young university students: their beds, work tables, some things they will need in their room, and their computers for work at the university. We really appreciate with all our hearts all the support you give us for our children. God bless you, we love you very much.

Due to the general situation we are living with the Covid, our children continue to study at home, they started this school year remotely; that is, they take their classes from home and we work with them on their homework. At the beginning of the week we pick up the work plans at school for the full week and on Friday we deliver back to the school all the work and homework that the children have done during the week. We hope that the situation improves and in a few more months we can send the children to attend their classes in their school room.

On behalf of all the children and workers at Casa Hogar, we send you a loving greeting and a thousand thanks for all your love and support.

May God bless you always.

Students at University

One of the most exciting things happening at La Familia is the number of children we now have at the university in Colima and now, in the City of Puebla, as well.

Fernanda has already started her classes at the University of Colima. She has also received a scholarship, so a portion of her educational expenses will be paid for by the State Government.

Pictured below is a photo of Josué and Rodolfo. They are renting a room in the City of Puebla and Embrace the Dream and a Friend of La Familia have purchased their beds, mattresses, sheets, pillows, pillow cases, computers, chairs, and worktables. They are planning to attend the University of Puebla when Covid allows classes to restart. In the meantime, they will continue living in the casa.

Jasmin wants to specialize in Anesthesiology. Silvia is asking everyone who knows and loves Jasmin to please pray for her as she embarks on her nursing career. Silvia has spoken with the hospital director who has give Jasmin a strong recommendation.

Isabel is a senior majoring in Accounting at the University of Colima. She and her husband, Gabriel, are working as volunteers in a Casa Hogar in Colima to help pay their expenses until Isabel graduates. They have two children: Josué and a 14-month-old little boy they call Bebe William.

Solar Panels for the Casa

This month — thanks be to God — we finished with the solar panel project. As of this month, they are already working. After a good amount of time spent making modifications, the Federal Electricity Commission was at the casa to approve the work and do the last few things so that they will begin producing power. Thank God everything has been very good with the electricity and we hope to very soon see the savings in the electricity bill. We give special thanks to Alltech for all of the support they gave us to enable La Familia to enjoy so much savings on our electricity bill.

solar panels

Suri Celebrates her Quinceañera

On August 10, our daughter Suri turned 15, she has been with us since she was 7 years old, now she has become a very pretty young lady, she graduated from high school and will start high school and is a teacher of children in the Church, Suri is a very sweet and smiling young lady, a blessing for everyone in the casa.


Additional photographs of the volunteers and children of La Familia:

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