December Newsletter

I am happy to report that all is going extremely well at Casa Hogar La Familia. The children are busy decorating the casa for Christmas. We were blessed this year to receive two very nice donations to help the directors pay for the cost of decorations, gifts and special food for the Christmas Season.

Silvia communicated with me today and told me that with the change of the seasons some of the children have been sick, but nothing serious. With the exception of a few bad colds, all of the children and the staff are doing great.

Tomorrow, all of the children have been invited to travel to Ciudad Serdan to visit Alltech, the company there that has been so very generous with La Familia. Silvia says the children are extremely excited and happy to be going back to Serdan for the day.

More good news: Silvia’s Uncle Sergio has once again made a gift to the casa. On December 19, Uncle Sergio is paying for all of the children to visit Six Flags in Mexico City.

The directors thank all of those who have once again in 2019 supported the Casa Hogar with your donations, your visits with mission teams and most of all for your prayers. Everyone at the casa feels extremely blessed to have so many people in the United States who find the time and money to share with Casa Hogar La Familia.

On behalf of Embrace the Dream Foundation and the directors and staff at La Familia, we wish you all a joyous and blessed Christmas Season.

Bill Lee
Embrace the Dream Foundation, Inc.

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