January Newsletter

I have some terrific news from three ladies who grew up at La Familia.

1. Damaly gave birth to a little boy this month. She and Chuy named him Luca. Damaly and Chuy are working as volunteers at La Familia.

2. Alicia (sister of Isabel, Jazmin, Juan Carlos and Mafer (Fernanda) also had a little girl this month. They named her Ainhera (pronounced Ah e ner ah). Alicia and her husband live on a farm near La Familia. Alicia attends church on most Sundays at La Familia.

3. And today, I received a message from Isabel that she is 3-1/2-months pregnant with a little girl. Isabel is attending the university in Colima. She and her husband, Gabriel, are both working as volunteers at Casa Matrix, a casa hogar in Colima.

I will be visiting La Familia in February with a team from Kingfisher, OK. I will be sure to come home with a lot of photographs of the many new additions to the casa.

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