Newsletter — November 2020

Covid 19 UPDATE — When it comes to the Coronavirus, La Familia has dodged the preverbal bullet. With 33 children quarantined in the main building on the property, we feel extremely blessed to have not had even one case of the bug that is raging around the globe. The directors are implementing all of the preventive measures just as fast as they are published.

Several weeks ago, we learned that two family members who are also members of the church Juan Francisco pastors — a father and his adult son — had contracted the Coronavirus and both had died from complications they suffered from the sickness. In an attempt to avoid future exposure to the virus, Juan Francisco decided to discontinue worship services until they could review their protocols and feel comfortable that they were providing a safe healthy space or the church to meet.

Plans are in the works to reopen the church in the next couple of weeks with a set of protocols in place as recommended by the Mexican authorities. Please keep both the children of La Familia as well as the members of the church that meets on the second floor — the name of the church is Grupo Amor — in your prayers.

The local Schools — All of the children in school have been asked to stay at home and study at home. This means, of course, that our directors, Silvia and Juan Francisco, and the members of the La Familia Staff must be flexible enough and knowledgeable enough to tutor and assist each age group: Kinder, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate. This is no easy task. I have encouraged Silvia to do her best to try and find some educated moms to assist the La Familia staff. Thus far, they have not found any qualified staff who are available. We have also begun outfitting the casa with its own Internet System.

Silvia with students
Silvia with students
virtual classroom
Virtual classroom
Karen with students
Karen with students
Damaly with children
Damaly with students

Love Offering — Since the pandemic struck we have had only one team visit La Familia over the past year, so there have been no Love Offerings for the directors and staff. Since Love Offerings make up the majority of the directors and volunteers salaries, this has severely reduced their income. This shortfall comes at a time when the directors and staff are working practically a 24/7 day when you throw in 33 children in home school from 8:30 to 6:30 PM. We are asking anyone who wishes to send a check marked “Love Offering” to Embrace the Dream Foundation, PO Box 5558, Greenville, SC 29606. We plan to present this Love Offering to the directors and staff as an early Christmas Gift.

News from Colima — We have three college students attending the university in Colima: Daniel, Jazmin and Isabel.

Colima is approximately a 12-hour trip by bus via an all-night bus ride. Isabel’s husband, Gabriel, graduated this past June with a degree in Accounting, but until the Covid 19 problem lessens, jobs are difficult to come by, so Gabriel continues to work with his wife, Isabel, as volunteers in one of the Casa Hogars in Colima.

Located in a tropical part of Mexico, Colima is prone to flash flooding. Two weeks ago a flash flood roared through the property where they work and the staff had to spend over a week digging out the mud and other forms of debris.

Jazmin, Isabel’s sister, is still in nursing school and is still scheduled to graduate this coming June.

Also living in Colima:
Juan Carlos is currently living in a casa hogar in Colima that specializes in working with young adults. His health is good and his attitude is excellent. Please keep Juan Carlos in your prayers.

EMT Training for “Big Josué

Back in the days when Isabel’s son “Little Josué” was at La Familia, we had another very bright boy we called “Big Josué.” Big Josué played the keyboard in the praise band at church and has aspirations to attend a university in either the US or Germany.

Since visas are extremely difficult to come by while the pandemic is raging around the world, Big Josué is unable to access a foreign university. In the meantime, a local physician has taken Josue under his wing and offered to train him as an EMT. While he may never actually perform the job of an EMT, this is excellent training for Josue to use in emergency situations.

Doctor and Big Josué
Doctor and Big Josué
Big Josué
Big Josué

Current University Students

Daniel (son of Juan Francisco and Silvia) — International Business in Colima
Isabel Urbina — Studying Accounting in Colima
Jazmin Urbina — Last year of nursing school in Colima

by Bill Lee, President
Embrace the Dream Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 5558
Greenville, SC 29606

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