December Newsletter

This past Saturday, Silvia and Juan Francisco returned to the casa from Colima where they attended the funeral of Juan Francisco’s father. They also had to pack up and clean out Juan Francisco’s mom’s and dad’s home and move his mom into the home of Esther (Juan Francisco’s younger sister) where she can receive the care of a family member.

Now comes the challenging job of last minute preparations for the children’s Christmas celebration. Silvia is faced with returning to the challenge of going out and purchasing Christmas gifts for each of the children, wrapping close to 100 gifts, decorating the casa for Christmas, while at the same time catching the children up on the virtual learning programs they are taking through the public school system.

Tomorrow, Silvia will go into town to buy a pig that they will roast for the main Christmas meal. She says the children are super excited about everything they have planned. Silvia’s sister, Alejandra, is bringing gifts for the girls and her uncle Sergio is bringing all kinds of food (tacos, chalupas, fresh corn, waters flavored with various fruit juices, cotton candy, quesadillas, French fries, etc.). She also says she will send me photos of the festival (which I will pass on to all of you who receive our newsletter).

There is a company (Alltech) located in Ciudad Serdan (the town about an hour away where the casa hogar was located until we moved in 2006) that takes a big interest in the children. They also plan to contribute a gift for each child.

Silvia and Juan Francisco were humbled by the money that was donated to replace the love offering they nor the staff were receiving this year because of the pandemic, there has been only been one team to visit. They thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts.

I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and thank you for the continued support you provide for the children or Casa Hogar La Familia.

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