January Newsletter

On Thursday, December 17, Silvia and Juan Francisco returned to the casa from Colima where they attended the funeral of Juan Francisco’s father. They also packed up and cleaned out Juan Francisco’s mom’s and dad’s home and moved his mom into the home of Esther (Juan Francisco’s younger sister) where she can receive care from a family member.

Then came the challenging job of last minute preparations for the children’s Christmas celebration. Silvia was faced with returning to the challenge of going out and purchasing Christmas gifts for each of the children, wrapping close to 100 gifts, decorating the casa for Christmas, while at the same time catching the children up on the virtual learning programs they are taking through the public school system.

Juan Francisco and Silvi welcome three members of the Urbina Family to the Christmas celebration. (L to R) Jazmin, Isabel, and Fernanda

On Friday, December 18, they drove to Tehuacan to pick up donations from Sam’s Club and to do some of the Christmas shopping. On Saturday, December 19, they drove to the City of Puebla for Christmas shopping. And also on Saturday afternoon late, they drove to a nearby market and purchased a pig they will roast for the main Christmas meal.

Then on Sunday, December 20, they led worship services in the morning and they spent all afternoon wrapping most of the children’s gifts.

gifts under the tree
Beautiful gifts under the La Familia Christmas Tree

Silvia said the children were super excited about everything they have planned. Silvia’s sister, Alejandra, brought gifts for the girls and her Uncle Sergio brought all kinds of food (tacos, chalupas, fresh corn, waters flavored with various fruit juices, cotton candy, quesadillas, French fries, etc.). She also said she will send me photos of the festival (which I will pass on to all of you who have signed up to receive our newsletter).

There is a company (Alltech) located in Ciudad Serdan that has always taken a big interest in the children. Alltech also contributed a gift for each child.

Christmas Eve Has Finally Arrived

All of the children helped prepare Christmas Dinner. They began cooking in advance of Christmas because there was so much to prepare for so many people. So when Christmas Eve arrived they were able to concentrate on getting dressed up for their special dinner.

Before dinner, all together they thanked God for the reason for the party, for each of the people who supported them to have such a beautiful Christmas and for each of the blessings that he brought into their lives throughout the year.

Children of La Familia, Directors and Staff, Special Guests

This year they roasted a pig. They hired a young man to make carnitas and chicharrones. The Christmas Dinner menu was shredded leg of pork, loin stuffed with cheeses and almonds, pork and beans, baked potatoes, mixed salad, punch made with different fruits, and for dessert they made brownies with ice cream.

Alucy (Silvia’s sister) and her family brought coffee, cheese, jellies and delicious cookies. Everyone at the casa really enjoyed this time together. They played, they had dinner, they talked a lot, and enjoyed the desserts. PLUS, the children were so excited about their gifts, BUT everyone had to wait to open their gifts until Christmas morning.

La Familia children and staff looking at presents under the La Familia Christmas Tree

Silvia and Juan Francisco were humbled by the money that was donated to replace the love offering they nor the staff received this year because due to the pandemic, there was only one team that was able to visit. They thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts.

I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and thank you for the continued support you provide for the children or Casa Hogar La Familia.

Juan Francisco and Silvia at Christmas and New Year celebration

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